Only A Few People Have Passed This Simple But Effective Eye Test; Are You One Of Them? 

It's a great way to detect eye problems, by the way!

In today's age, almost everyone has eye problems. And the most popular eye problem is of reduced vision. A large proportion of people today needs glasses to see properly. Because of the sudden increase in the proportion of people needing visual aids, the cost of eye gear has reduced drastically. And with that, newer technologies to cope with reduced vision have emerged. Significant strides have been made by science in this area.

However, what if we had told you earlier that there was a very simple and minimalistic way to determine whether or not someone has an eye problem? You probably wouldn't believe us, right? Well, data has confirmed that this technique does actually work, so you can try it out yourself, or with your friends, and confirm it! All you have to do is to look at an image and see if you can see a number hidden inside it. Because there aren't many nowadays with near-perfect vision, only a very few people can actually go through with this challenge.

Scroll down and check it out!