Ohio Teens Getting Pepper Sprayed For A Class Activity Goes Viral On The Internet

This is what we call 'practical exams'.


The teenagers are helplessly screaming in pain with tears rolling out of their eyes; eyes which have been pepper sprayed for a class experiment. Yes, "the teens you'll see in the video below have been pepper sprayed as a part of their syllabus". It was a task for them to hold on as much as possible but after some time, most of them started jumping and crying in agony. 

While the students were shouting "God's name," their teachers did nothing but watched them in horror. It was a regular class of 'Criminal Science and Technology', while one of their teachers was filming the practical through a cell phone.

The entire incident took place on the campus of Barberton High School. Students were lined up against a brick wall waiting for the spray.

An instruction officer can be heard saying "stop resisting, please comply," before spraying the spray.

Let's have a look!