Obamas In Tuscany Villa, On Another Fun Vacay After Leaving Office In January 2017

Life after office - Super Fun!

Former US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama, make a smart couple. One of the best things about them is that they make the best of the time they have for themselves. 

And they are back at it again, enjoying!  At present, they are in Tuscany military base (Italy), all wrapped in opulence and comfort. 

When they arrived at the military base on May 19, 2017, they were guarded by six fighter jets and were escorted in a 13-car motorcade to Borgo Finocchieto, which is a 14th-century village in Tuscany. They are on an all-expenses-paid world tour. 

The sprawling property, where they are to stay is a lavish villa in Borgo Finocchieto village. It is a five-building, six-acre space and is owned by former US ambassador to Italy, John Philips. It has 22 bedrooms, multiple saunas and jacuzzis, a swimming pool, a gym and a basketball court. The couple will stay in the villa for five days.