These Nostalgic Posters Take Us Back To The 90's And We're So Loving Them

How many of these do you remember?!


Don't y'all miss the 90's? Silly question, yes! My bad! We all miss the 90's, for variegated reasons. Be it the quality and genre of the cartoons like 'Tom and Jerry' or comic books like 'Champak'. 'Kite fights' in summer eves or the 'matka kulfis' on late night. Going to visit our grandparents in person because Skype didn't exist, we actually went out and played with our friends on the streets. We'd talk to each other face to face and not just 'text' because we're blessed with the ability to converse. 

With technology and science at its ultimate peak, everything has been changing so quickly that it's almost impossible to adapt it all in a day or even a couple of days or months. Undeniably, we're serendipitous to be living at this time and not 30 years ago or 30 years hence, because it might not feel right or seem right, but trust me, it is the right time to be alive. 

Let's have a look down the memory lane!