America's Latest Warning To North Korea Signals Something Is Wrong With The World

USA vs North Korea?

According to The Seoul Economic Daily, “North Korea deliberately detonated a missile during its failed test as the rocket was accidentally heading towards Russia.” On April 29, 2017, North Korea’s failed missile that was headed towards Russia was detonated, prompting Vladimir Putin to put his country on high alert. The Daily reported, “That the KN-17 weapon traveled 48 kilometers before officials exploded it after fears it was fired at Russia by accident.”

Pyongyang’s test-firing of a ballistic weapon comes in spite of warnings from the United States that the failure to restrain its nuclear trials could lead to serious and “catastrophic consequences.” Given the April 27th tests, how will the US respond? There has been a war of words between Pyongyang and Washington for the last few months. Will the latest tests by North Korea herald a change of policy in the White House or will it continue to exchange of heated warnings?

Let us take a look at the developments, thus far.