North Korea Warns Of A Nuclear Test Anytime, Makes Donald Trump Unhappy

It could be anywhere.


On May 1, North Korea warned of carrying out a nuclear test at any time and any location. North Korea leader Kim Jong-un's announcement has sparked tension in the region as it has fuelled the ongoing conflict between the US and North Korea.  

With this announcement, North Korea appears to have made its intention clear, that is, to strengthen its forces and take on the might of the US forces. There are signs that North Korea must be preparing for a range missile launch or a sixth nuclear test. Again, sending jitters in the area and worsening the relations, and creating even more unrest in the world. In response to this, USA refuses to rule out a military strike! Gosh! We can see more disturbance coming! Amongst all this, North Korea has been taking wide leaps in building a missile capable of delivering a warhead to the continental United States. 

Read on to get more insight into this deadly plan.