Video Of A Noida Student Being Slapped By One Of His Classmates Goes Viral

This traumatising incident will shock you!

All of us have played games at school and have also done funny things that we did with our gang but what if that fun becomes traumatising for something? What if it becomes a threat to someone's life? This video is about a school boy in school uniform, standing nervously in front of a guy who is practicing his swings for a slap and then eventually hits so hard that he lost his hearing ability to 25 percent. 

The incident took place at Pathways School in Noida around 2 PM on September 4, and the video seems to have been recorded in the washroom. It shows a student taking aim at another student’s cheek, while the person recording the video asks him to count till three before hitting, stating that the Snapchat story might stop in the middle.

The video of the same has been shown below.