Everyone Failed To Solve This Riddle, Can You?

Your time starts NOW!

Ever since we were kids, one of our favorite hobbies was to solve riddles and puzzles all day long. Back then it was no rocket science and we were smart enough to solve a riddle without the need of any logical analysis and brainstorming. Thinking about it, life was definitely sorted and riddles were only to be solved on a piece of paper. Since we're all grown ups now and are involved in dealing with a lot of real life riddles and problems to unsolve, all the mind games and every other thing that we did as babies have been left behind only to reminisce. The probability of you reading this blog right now is to bring back those childhood memories by doing some fun-filled activity only to forget the present and wake the little kid inside you who applies all the possible way to solve riddles. 

So here we go as your time starts NOW!