8 Things That Make 'Next-Geners' The Smartest Species

Say yay or nay? 

You see, I might share the same generational bracket as the 1900s classifications, but the reality of the matter is that we 90s kids are now adults with a whole new perspective on what we need and want. The things that we do and the lingos we use might leave the earlier generations perplexed, but we must be doing something right because doesn’t everyone try and be as much like us as possible? The 45-year-old who is the ‘perpetually’ 28-year-old is a creation of the millennial age after all.

So if we are so different, what gets us going? How does a product connect with us? One brand comes to mind, and it has done a great job. The Next Gen VERNA from Hyundai. More on that below. 

In fact, I think there's much we younger Millennials can teach our ‘elders’ and yes, learn so much from them. Let's have each other's backs because if we won't who else will? 

So, today let your young colleague/friend or whatever you want to call me, tell you just what makes us cool and smart (at least we'd like to believe so).

Have a look!