Bitcoin Just Crossed $5800 But Is It A Right Time To Make A Buy?

It is hard to predict!


"Bitcoin is not an investment rather it is a short-term profit-making machine."

If someone had said this to me a year ago, I would not have agreed with them, but now Bitcoin has lost the title of perfect investment. Reason being the sudden fluctuation in its price. 

Yes, it can make the quick investor profit, but the things can end on the other side too. Hence, not a perfect investment especially now. 

Bitcoin has seen some uneven growth in the very recent time. The sudden growth in 9-year-old currency has attracted a lot of investors. 

Though before the rise, Bitcoin saw some decline after it was blocked in China. Right now it is hard to say where the Bitcoins ship is sailing and the saying 'higher risk higher return' might too come true.