This Strange Space Object Has Been Revolving Around Earth For More Than 50 Years And No One Knows Why!

Heard of the Black Knight?


"Black Knight," as it is called, is an alien satellite. It has been quite some time when it was discovered and we have its images to show to the world. It is called an alien satellite because not much is know about its origin and existence. 

The discovery of the Black Knight was a major media sensation in the 1950’s. Since then, it has become one of the most talked about objects of the space. Although, it was thought to be a Russian spy satellite, these claims proved to be wrong. 

Since its discovery, Black Knight has intrigued countries like Sweden and enthusiasts worldwide. Also, countries like The United States of America and Russia have shown interest in this space object. 

There are those who believe in this theory and those who do not. Check out the mind boggling facts and decide whether you'd want to believe them. 

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