6 Hours, 350 Million USD & 5 Wives, What's The Connection Between These & The Saudi Prince?

The weirdest news you'll read today!

Saudi Prince and their weird fetishes and habits are well known to all of us around the world, and we've heard 'em all (almost). With one prince, to have allegedly smuggled cocaine on his private Boeing 727 jet to another one who got his grand-daughter and her lover executed in a parking lot on being caught to have had a love affair seems like, there are no limits, boundaries or rules for these no more teenage spoilt brats. 

One more example adds to the list of 'Saudi Princes & their crazy adventures' today. We've all heard about Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (how on Earth do you remember your own name, Prince?!) for his drug and gambling habits, but his latest betting fiasco is quite exceptional, even when considered for him.

Go ahead, read on to find more and I bet you'd be cringing so hard.