India Beats China And The US Once Again To Become Number One FDI Destination

Funds are pouring.


According to the FDI report 2017, compiled by FDI Intelligence, a division of The Financial Times Ltd., India remains ahead of China and the US in terms of green field FDI inflows in the year 2016. In the year 2015, India surpassed these two economic giants for the first time to become the Numero Uno in FDI investments. 

If you are wondering what green field means, here's the explanation. It's a scenario wherein a foreign-headquartered company directly invests in another country, compared to Brownfield investments which occur when a company or government purchases an existing facility in a particular country to begin a new production. 

The report says that the FDI capital investment saw an increase of 2% to the US$ 62.3 billion in 2016 compared to the US$ 62 billion in 2015 in India. 

If we look at the global scenario in 2016, green field FDI continued to rise worldwide, with capital investment growing by more than 6 percent to the US$ 776.2 billion.