After Kangana, Nawazuddin Opens Up About The Ugly Side of Bollywood

This is shocking and saddening too!


I believe it won't be an exaggeration if I say that along with 'Khans' even he is ruling the world of Indian Cinema. Be it comic or a serious role. Be it filled with romance or with a grey shade. He has pulled off each and every role impeccably and needless to say, this dark horse has simply made us fall for him forever now. Any guesses, who I am talking about? Yes, he is none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Known for his versatile acting skills, Siddiqui has nailed it in all the roles he had stepped into. With every passing film, Nawazuddin's fan base has witnessed a great hike. But seems like this loyal fan base of Siddiqui is sad about whatever happened recently with their favourite star. Yes, you heard that right. After Kangana Ranaut, Nawazuddin opened up about the ugly side of Bollywood. 

Bollywood, which is considered as the world of glitz and glamour, also holds an ugly side within. Watch the space to know what exactly Nawazuddin encountered: