From Inventing Ink to Flush, These Inventions by Indians Changed the Course Of History

Inventions that will make you go 'I didn't know that!'  

Is necessity the mother of all inventions? Well, this can be validated from the list of inventions by Indians here. 

From coming up with the concept of shampoo to developing Ayurveda medication and the game of chess, Indians have always been witty. We have also had great masterminds like physician Sushruta, CV Raman, Aryabhata among others. 

Some of the inventions are stumbled upon by accident, and some are a result of toil. The Indian culture and heritage are so wide and replete that to fulfill a lot of purposes, there were a number of inventions.

The discoveries and inventions are from the genres of metallurgy, genetics, mathematics, games, lifestyle, and health. It is widely known that Indians invented zero, the concept of trigonometry and were also the ones to find water on the Moon.

Have a look at the inventions and be enlightened by the classic path-breaking history of India.