A Woman Sent A Present To PM Narendra Modi And The Way He Responded Was Surprising

Are you excited to see what did she make?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives hundreds of complaints, wishes, gifts every day from people. Even when Modi visits a foreign country, he gets gifts from head of that country. 

Narendra Modi has a huge fan following and everyone tries to get his attention in some or the other way. This is what happened recently. This time, a woman from Bihar sent a unique yet spectacular gift to him. No, it was not an ordinary one, as the lady made the present from waste products. She sent the gift to PM to highlight the importance of recycling and how waste can be put to use.

Are you excited to see what did she make? So, let's not make you wait further. WittyFeed brings the image of that amazing gift. 

The Prime Minister had been insisting on recycling waste so as to make it as a source of income. This is part of his Stand Up India initiative.