Let's See If You Can Name All The Tech Abbreviations In This Quiz

Prove yourself!        

"When life gives you questions, Google gives you the answers"- Someone on the internet.

While we have been using tech abbreviations like DOS and eSATA all the time in our day to day life, it is strange that the meaning is very clear but what these actually stand for is not known to many. You know everything about Google I/O events but don't know what I/O stands for, right? 

Tech abbreviations are great, at least they manage to save our time. But at the same time, it is funny that we don't exactly know them all. 

So, here at your rescue, WittyFeed presents a bunch of abbreviations in quiz form that are used on a daily basis by every geek, and as a geek, we should definitely know the full form of them because it always feels good to know something extra.
So let's take this quiz and learn.