Myths About Nepal Non-Nepalese Should Know RIGHT NOW

My country is a lot more than *momos* 

“Have you seen Mt. Everest?” 

“Have you ever climbed Mt. Everest?”

“Why your eyes are not slanted?”

Hundreds of times I am showered with this kind of questions here in India. And guess what my response would be...

"I live in the lap of Everest"

"I don't need to climb Everest, it's always in my heart"

"Unity in diversity is my nation's specialty, Nepalese faces are beyond slanted eyes"

It’s okay to make some assumptions but I feel a bit upset when people generalise things without knowing the actuality of it.

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, shortly and sweetly known as Nepal is one of the Asian nations sandwiched between two giants China and India. I feel proud to say that it is one of the naturally beautiful countries in the world and CNN’s recent announcement has added another feather to its hat. CNN released a list where Nepal is ranked among the world’s coolest countries. Wow!