10 Muslim Celebs Who Celebrated Rakshabandhan Ignoring All The Haters

Because religion doesn't define relations. 


Rakshabandhan is a standout amongst the most promising days in the Hindu schedule and an exceptional one for siblings. On this day, sisters all over India (and a few sections of Nepal) tie a hallowed string called Rakhi on the wrists of their brothers. This string connotes a power of profound devotion and security. Tying this string on a man's arm infers that he will undoubtedly secure his sister for eternity. These days you will also see a few adolescents in schools, workplaces, housing societies gathering together and celebrating Rakshabandhan. 

There is no festival that Bollywood doesn't celebrate with enthusiasm and energy. Be it Diwali, Eid or Rakshabandhan. While Bollywood has had numerous motion pictures praising this bond, our stars go hard and fast on this event to display their adoration for each other.

We exhibit you ten Bollywood stars who broke the generalization and demonstrated to us that religion could not characterize the affection that you have for your kin.