Dear Star Kids, When You Grow Up I Want You To Read This

Please, grow up fast!


Whenever I sit with my parents to talk about my childhood memories, I always ask: "Why didn't you take enough pictures of me that I could flaunt how awesome my days were?" 

Today, when I see kids, or to be more specific, star kids, I get major FOMO. I mean, look at these guys. A few minutes after they are born, their pictures get helluva viral. They will have tales to tell people and images to show when they grow up. NOT FAIR.

I don't feel jealous, but I can see how far we have come as a generation. To all the star kids: I have felt the FOMO and I don't want you to feel the same. So, when you grow up and if you ever read, LIKE EVER, read this article, I am sure you would have that ear-to-ear smile on your face.