Ever Wondered Why Lord Krishna Never Married Radha? 

Here's the real reason why! 

This question has been on my mind ever since my childhood. Most of us have watched the famous daily soap that starred a cute kid in Lord Krishna's avatar. The show completely justified the happenings that took place in Kanha's life, but unlike me have you also wondered about the fact that why did he end up marrying Rukmini instead of Radha? 

The unconditional love that both of them had for each other is something that we are never going to find in any generation. But why is that they never lived together or had a family? Lord Krishna is believed to have approximately 16,000 wives, why isn't Radha one of them? 

There are a lot of scriptures that claim the answer to these questions and different versions have different answers for the readers. We have got it all compiled for you here.

But, before we get the answers to all our questions, let's have some background check about the subject of the story.