Mumbaikars Came Forward To Help This Blind Girl When Her Parents Disowned Her

RJ's tweets helped.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and heart of the Bollywood film industry where thousands of people go with huge aspirations to fulfill their dreams. They are never short of yearning and do whatever the industry demands of them. 

Often, a daughter/son becomes helpless in achieving those dreams without the support of their parents. 

There are exceptions though.

Recently a daughter walked in the studios of Radio City, Mumbai, and Radio Jockey Sucharita Tyagi made sure that a girl with so much of willpower (you'll figure it out as you go through her story) completes her law education. 

It now appears that Nikita Shukla, who is a third-year law student, will surely achieve what she wants from her life without her parents' support. 

But, how did it all happen? How come Nikita was able to grab the attention of RJ Sucharita? 

Read on to know about Nikita's courage and RJ's willingness to help.