'Slum Stay' in Mumbai for Foreigners Is the New Talk of the Town Due to Its Price 

How much is the rent?

If anytime you notice a foreigner passing through the Mumbai slums, don't just assume s/he is there to click a selfie, make a documentary or record the lifestyle of people. They may be 'living' there. 

*Wait, what? Foreigners staying in slums?*

Yes, Ravi Sansi along with his fellow companion David Bijl have planned Mumbai's first Slum Homestay in which Ravi's family will host foreign tourists. 

Shocked? Well, catch the next wave as the peculiarities of this project that I am about to share with you will for sure blow your mind. For the beginning, know that though the guest will be given various facilities, they are supposed to use the toilet facility as the rest of the slum. Yes, they will have to use public toilets which are shared by more than 50 other families.