A Couple Was Told To Prepare For Their Unborn Baby’s Funeral, Then A Miracle Happened...

When Facebook proved to be a savior.

Nobody can deny the pleasure of cradling a newborn baby; it is an out of the world experience holding a tiny being in your arms and listening to its heartbeat. Relatives and friends join in the celebrations of welcoming a new member to the family but it is the parents who are the most ecstatic. They have waited long for this moment and it is indeed one of the most special experiences worth cherishing forever.

It is every woman’s dream to bear a healthy baby after a smooth pregnancy of nine months but not all women get to enjoy a successful pregnancy and delivery. There are some lesser fortunate ones who either suffer a miscarriage, a pre-term delivery, or some kind of complications that doesn’t let them sail through the phase smoothly. It is, even more, heart-wrenching to realize that the baby you carried in your womb all this while will not be able to make it. 

Here’s a story of a Worcester mom who was asked to be prepared for a stillborn baby before something miraculous happened.