These 16 Motivational Songs Will Brim You With Enthusiasm

Those who strive, succeed.


"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

"Be somebody, nobody thought you could be."

These golden quotes work best when you feel depressed and dejected. It is true that it requires patience and hard work to reach the goal. There are many obstacles that de-motivate us from our path.

Yet, there is a way that will surely help to keep you motivated for a long time. It is music. Music helps when no one else does. 

The film music also works wonders, at times. Bollywood music plays an important role in our life. Some avid movie lovers have rightly said that motivation is the key to success and film music enthuses people to move forward in life.

WittyFeed reminds you of some of the most inspirational songs from Bollywood. Listen to them, they will brim you with enthusiasm. 

Also, tell us whether these songs really inspired you.