How Mother's Love Changed the Identity of This Traveller is Worth Knowing


Like any other normal day, I was up for an adventure on 15th of August 2015.

To be particular that day I was cycling from Chennai to Bangalore, a distance of almost 350KMs.But this journey was not like any other normal one for me because that day I didn’t just travel physically from one city to another I also travelled internally. I started from Chennai as “Aakash Mishra” and reached Bangalore as “Aakash Ranison” on that journey I discovered a little bit of myself.

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.”

Before I begin to tell you the story let me tell you 4 important things about me which will complete this story and will help me find my new identity;

1: Because of a rough childhood I have this habit of talking to myself as I didn’t really have friends to speak to. 

2: Also because I didn’t have anyone to guide and inspire me personally I somehow ended up watching TED Talk while I was in school.While browsing TED Library I found a talk named “Start with why” by Simon Sinek, no doubt I really loved the concept and automatically it got saved in the back of my mind.3: I will not remember if I read or write something but if I see & hear something that’s a great possibility I’ll remember it as it is forever and can see it as it is in my memory. It’s called photograph memory.

4: I am a big admirer of Piyush Pandey, the way he works. Connecting real-life experiences with brands vision and packing the final product.