13 Reasons Why You Should Post Your Mother’s Day Letter

Don't think, just write!


We’re a part of evolution revolving around the western ways, and the influence has increased in the past decade. Yes, to the extent that people today celebrate 'n' number of days which they know nothing about. Thanks to Google and the micro-blogging platforms, Internet, of course, we get to know what people are celebrating on the other side of the globe. 

As it happens, Mother’s Day happens to be another day which came crawling into our lives. Now, on the second Sunday of May, we wake up and walk up to our mothers saying “Happy Mother’s Day”. We all know within that it is nothing more than a greeting, don’t we? I’m not saying you don’t love your mother but today you’ll read about one way you could actually remember this coming Mother’s day for eternity. 

Yes, write a letter or prepare a speech, the speech would suit more but unfortunately, you’re more bad at it than writing. With all your day long messaging, clicking photos and uploading you don’t happen to talk with her for the time you should. That is why this way when you sit down to write you’ll actually go through so many emotions that you could write a book on her. The main objective of why I’m asking you this. 

And, don’t text her the way you normally do to everyone you know because then you will miss out on a lot of things. To which you will think that the words will be the same, how will it matter? Let me remind you, do you remember the last time you picked up a pen? When I sat down to write the same, I had the same mindset but the 7 minutes I took to write was the best experience I ever had. 

Also, in today’s world, one doesn’t believe in something until the evidence is there for them to see. To that I say, read on and I bet you’ll feel each and every emotion listed: