"I always wanted to be like my mum, but now I don’t!"

Want to know why I've changed my mind?


It’s Mother’s Day again and what will the world do? 

Buy some materialistic gifts for their mums, or some more thoughtful kids will give their mums a break and take them out for dinner or simply let her rest and shower some extra love, ONLY for this one day. A few creative ones may have some other surprises planned for her, but I repeat, ONLY for this one day that has been marked as the Mother’s Day.

Thank you to the inventor of this day for at least dedicating one day in the year to those selfless souls who otherwise go unrecognized. Now doesn’t the intro sound a li’l contradictory to the title? You’ll have to read through this open letter dedicated to all the mums if you want to understand why I’ve changed my mind from wanting to be like my mum to “now I don’t”.