10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World That Are Almost Impossible To Buy

These prices will blow your mind!

What commodity do you consider to be expensive? Cars? Private jets? These are the kind of things that usually come to mind when you're asked to think of something expensive. But, what if someone asks you to name a liquid that is this expensive? What would you say?
In fact, the only liquid most of you will be able to think of is water, and that, as we all know, doesn't really count as expensive (strictly talking in monetary terms, of course).
In fact, after much thought, one might even come to the conclusion that there aren't many liquids which can be called expensive.
However, such a conclusion would be wrong. And, to prove that, here we are with a list of most expensive liquids found on this planet. Also, in case you think that alcohol is featuring in the list, you're completely wrong! *a clean list ahead* 
Check it out!