List of the Most Beautiful First Ladies in the History of America 

Whose eyes were considered the most attractive?


Will you believe it, being the first lady of the world's most powerful country is a 'no salary' job; instead, there are certain expectations that you have to fulfil if you want to live up to that position.

These ladies run the charity program for the White House, host several dinners and flaunt their luxurious lifestyle to not to disappoint the most powerful man in the world, President of America. They dress in some of the classiest attires to turn the heads, and their accessories are most expensive in the world, but is that it? Apparently not. Apart from doing all this stuff, the biggest pressure on FLOTUS is to look beautiful and appealing whenever they make a public appearance with or without the president. They are expected to ooze charm, power, elegance, class and beauty. It gets them extra brownie points.

Still confused? Well, we're here with the list of the most beautiful First Ladies in the history of America.

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