Civil Engineering Makes You More Innovative and Creative. Here's How

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The opportunities are endless and the more we try to seek, the more we are drawn closer to the subject. With technology growing at an exponential pace, the future seems to be filled with opportunities for an engineer to learn and expand his/her horizons. Right from towering structures to smooth roads, to majestic harbours to sleek and modern airports, all of them have a scope for innovation. It just depends on how we choose to look at it. 

A scientist tries to find the cause of a problem; an engineer attempts to solve it before things get out of hand.

Civil engineering translates to 'Engineering for the Civilian' and is arguably the oldest discipline of engineering. Civil engineering has always boasted a glorious past leaving some of the most iconic structures for us to behold and admire. Right from transmission/radio towers for mobile communication to cooling towers and chimneys in thermal power plants, civil engineering is everywhere.