Modi Ji's Letter To Pranab Mukherjee On His Last Presidential Day Reveals It All

What two great leaders, mutual respect and honour look like!


"Pranab Da, our political journeys took shape in different political parties. Our ideologies, at times, have been different. Yet, such is the strength of your intellect and wisdom that we were able to work together with synergy." 

This is an excerpt from the letter Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, wrote to the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on his last official working day as the President.

PM Modi has already given us enough reasons to respect him as possibly one of the best politicians and Prime Ministers, India could ever wish of getting. When he came to power and transformed our country, we saw a rise of hope in him and believed our nation was in the right hands. Soon, after the election of Mr Pranab Mukherjee as the Indian President, we were again elated and relieved that our country is moving in the right direction.

Today, was the last working day of the Indian President before his term ended and P.M. Modi definitely made it harder for Mr Pranab Mukherjee to leave by writing him the sweetest and most respectable letter!