Political Leader Conducts Surgery Of A Woman While There Was No Doctor Available In The Hospital

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Dr. K. Beichhua, an MLA from Mizoram came to the rescue of a woman in his constituency who needed immediate medical help but the surgeon at her district hospital was away on a training program in Imphal. Dr. Beichhua is a qualified MBBS graduate from the Regional Medical College, Imphal. 

According to Hindustan Times, Dr. Beichhua said, “I was informed that a 35-year old woman was having severe abdominal pain and needed to be operated immediately. The woman’s stomach had a large perforation (hole) and if the operation had not been performed, she may have died.”

The 52-year-old MLA had performed hundreds of operations before he started his political career in 2013. 

The woman is fine now, Dr. Beichhua added, "I visited her on Thursday and she was laughing."