7 Mistakes You Make When You're Sick And The Best Solutions To Them

Do you wish to live a long life? 

With the rat race that 21st century has made us a part of, we humans have absolutely skipped the part to take care of our health and fitness. Mortality rates decreasing, obesity increasing and the youth only wanting to eat all sorts of junk, how do we even expect this generation to remain healthy and fit?

Apart from this, even those who are actually a bit concerned about their health and fitness are too busy, and it's not their fault, in competing with this harsh world. But how long will this last? It's time that we start valuing out lives and doing the needful. 

A lot of times, health related issues are not taken seriously until and unless they reach a life-altering stage. We lose tracks of our medical history, what diseases we might inherit as a heredity, our daily diet and exercises. There are so many other factors that need to be considered and taken care of. And ultimately, who are we doing it for? Ourselves, right? There is nothing to look forward to if your life is at stake!

Here, I bring to you seven careless mistakes you make and the solutions to avoid them.