This Girl Took An UBER Cab But Had To Runaway When The Driver...

Where is a woman safe now?


Being a woman, I am pretty sure that it is not easy for us to say that "We are safe!". 

Earlier, we ladies and our family members were just worried about us traveling alone at night. But after the incident, I am about to share with you, I am not sure if the concern develops for traveling during the day as well. 

This is a story of an engineering student from Gurgaon who booked an Uber cab in the morning at 10:30 AM on 3rd October 2017 (the name is not yet disclosed). She was not only just tricked by the driver but if she hadn't taken the initiative, it could have turned into headlines in the newspaper.

She shared the scenario by posting it on her Facebook wall. You will be shocked as her post read...