Jaguar, Volkswagen, And Mercedes In Their Colorful Avatar Are Set To Stun You

Brand new Mercedes E-220 artified!

Art always attracts eyeballs and you would not have come across a person till date who doesn’t understand the beauty of an art piece. And, if you have, then it’s time to ask them for being a part of a premeditated journey covering the major art and cultural centers (cities) across the country - Cartist Yatra 2017-18. One of its own kind of exhibition which started from Jaipur to explore and amalgamate the multicultural and diversified social space of Pan India. 

The best part about Cartist is that apart from being an exquisite exhibition, you don’t have to drive to the venue because the festivities come rolling down to your city. The caravan after making its show at Ahmedabad reached Mumbai on November 17. After 3 days of event there, it then moved to Pune. The Yatra will now move towards Southern India but before we get an update from further destinations, let me take you through all that happened in Mumbai and Pune.