Ever Wondered Why Menstrual Hygiene Day Is Celebrated On 28th May Every Year?

Step up and take pride!


How far have we come? As women, our rights have undergone several changes over the decades. We had to hide and cower under the booming voices of others. We crossed milestones with hardships and vigor fighting for a right to freedom of speech, education, gender equality, voting etc. It doesn't seem like it’s been breezy throughout, does it?

After the development and broadening of the minds of certain people, we have definitely come a long way. But, it’s certainly not enough. There is so much stigma around periods and menstruation, we don’t know menstruation is still treated like a taboo. If it isn’t on anyone’s lips, it’s in people’s hearts and that matters a lot. Imagine dealing with people who consider you to be impure for a particular time in a month. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? 

And still, there are a few people who are still uncomfortable to talk about periods.