Men Have More To Say About Girls' Periods And That Is Extremely Impressive

Men do understand it all!


"Oh God, did I say it out loud?"

"I wish I was a boy"

"Oh! It hurts. These cramps, they hurt. My life, it sucks."

These are some common thoughts by women when they are on their periods. If you're a girl, I know you can feel me. Periods are no doubt, the worst days of the month for girls. Amid these few days, we are traumatized by the cramps, the pain, mood swings, filled with blood, and what not. And in all such, whenever a guy friend asks us about the problem, our perpetual answer is, "You won't understand."

Well, I guess now I can say that "NO! They do understand." Today, men express their perspectives on periods and we women are too amazed by their bold step.