Who Really Is a Man And How Society Describes Him?

Unveiling the real face of a man lost in the midst of societal hypocrisy.



What exactly comes to your mind when you hear this word? Is it strength and love? Or hatred and discrimination? I guess there is a mixed feeling that comes from various people around the world.

Meanwhile, the definition says that a man is a beautiful creation of God who doesn't only sacrifice his dreams but starts compromising at a very tender age. I'd instead say, from bearing the responsibilities of his elder ones to handling work outside home, a small boy often grows into a man way before anyone notices. You may call him insensitive, yet he can feel the pain just like other human beings, it's just that he's better at hiding it. The sufferings that he goes through and yet glows like a chiseled diamond which came out from graphite, never does he let anyone know his agony.

This story is not just a compilation of a few posters and some written material on it; this is an open letter from a woman like me to all those men who think their sufferings, struggles, and pain go unrecognised. Believe me, the society may not know you, but many other women like me and I love you for who you are.

Let's have a look at what men really are and how society thinks of them to be.