Meet The Woman Who Remembers Everything After 12 Days of Birth

She can recite entire Harry Potter series.


Let me introduce to you a woman who remembers everything which has occurred in her life, day wise. 

Come to think of it and you wouldn’t remember what you did on April 28, 2016. As far as this woman’s memory is concerned, you will be reading all about her and the fact that she can remember every vivid detail of the last 27 years she has lived. 

Your brain works in the same manner like the majority of people living on earth but Rebecca belongs to a group of 60 to 80 people worldwide having this condition (Read below). It is said that people don’t remember what happened in their lives before four years but this woman here remembers the first photo which was captured by her father or memory of just 12 days after her birth, precisely. 

Let’s go through her unique life flow.