After Winning The ODI Against Australia, This Is What Indian Cricket Team Did To Manish Pandey

Nostalgia and fun that will take you back to your childhood! 


During a cricket match, what happens on the field is seen by the entire world. We encounter various instances in which our favourite cricket stars are seen playing the match with utmost dedication and concentration. But, what happens behind bars, I mean inside the greenrooms is not known to many of us. The players who seem calm and composed on the field are always found as fun-loving and nostalgic. 

History is the proof of the fact that whenever any footage or fun-filled video has been uploaded on social media right from the greenrooms and hotel rooms of these cricketers, it has been BANG ON and super hilarious. 

Recently, the Indian Cricket Team won an ODI match lead by the captain Virat Kohli at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata and took a 2-0 lead in the five-match series. A video followed by the event was shared on the social media, and we couldn't stop ourself from sharing that with you all.