This Man Was Brutally Pushed Off The Train For Filming The Railway Officials Taking Bribe

Do you support this innocent man who died because of his honesty? 


Did you ever imagine that being an honest man can sometimes become hard for you? It's just not about the honesty of one man. People often are not comfortable with the concept of bribery that happens in trains.

There are people who have tried capturing the real side of the society. And one such man was on it while he encountered a bunch of RPF constables and TTE extorting money from the passengers. Rahul Singh, a 22-year-old man was the one filming all this at the moment to show the real faces of these devils to the people. But, who would have imagined that this could really turn into a nightmare that day?

Yeah! To your surprise, the same bunch of people whom he tried filming throw that innocent man off the train. Rahul was traveling from Delhi to Bihar on 25th August while all this happened and he met the face of death. Let's look at what exactly happened.