From Barack To Queen Elizabeth, This Guy Has Been With All. But, How? Here’s The Catch

You can also stand next to Trump!

Recently made a post on Instagram? You might have just clicked a snap repeatedly until you got the perfect one in agreement with your standards. Then you'd have made your original attempt at using all the filters provided by the photo sharing application and add some stickers to it. The creative you doesn't stop at it and goes on to use some pens and markers to draw sketch some or write a few words here and there on the clicked photographs by the god given stylus to you (to people who didn't get it; it's Steve Job's definition of fingers). After you've got it all done in a single snap, what do you do? You post it. I'm not saying there's something wrong with portraying your creativity on Instagram, but after you see what this Instagram user does, you'll be astonished as to what all you can do with photoshop.