Man Who Once Lost Both His Legs In A Train Accident Is Doing Wonders With His Disability 

The story of a world-record holder!


Every human on this planet has different needs, but there’s this one thing that is needed by everyone, and no one can deny that, the need to travel and see the world. We dream about going to new places to observe the heavenly beauty of the lands where we have never been, to meet people we have never met before. Traveling is a thing which doesn’t have a need to be explained, it is no more thought of as just going from a place to another, it’s a vibe now.

The most trending form of traveling in today’s era is a road trip.

In road trips, we definitely anticipate the adventures that will come in our way, but most of the times, it is the hardship and the exertions that we think we will face during our travels that stop us from doing it. Well, is it the right excuse to give when we are fully equipped with every gift that God can give us?

Here’s the story of a 35-year-old double amputee man who has been an inspiration by traveling solo all around the country.