Dalit Riots Lead To #MaharashtraBandh, But Do You Know The Real Reason Behind It?

It all began 200 years ago... 


Maharashtra hasn't had a good beginning to the new year 2018. 

On January 1, a crowd of Dalits in Pune were commemorating 200th anniversary of the Koregaon Bhima battle, but after a rift between Dalit group and some locals, the incident turned violent. 

The clash became bigger on January 2, when it spread to the parts of Mumbai, with Chembur area being the worst victim. Dalits were up in arms and carried banners, and stopped everyone on the way, they called it the  'Rasta Roko' protest. 

Today, January 3 is the third day of the protest and it has now affected other parts of Maharashtra including Thane and Aurangabad. 

But do you know why are the Dalits protesting and what were they commemorating in Pune?

It all began in 1818 with the war between the British Army and the Peshwas. So how about we go back in time and look at the whole scenario: