Inspiring Story of a Lucknow Lad Whose Passion Turned into a Guinness World Record

He is a true inspiration for many. 

Columbus is considered as one of the greatest explorers that we have ever seen till date. An avid traveller of his times, this man didn’t know where he was going when he was establishing the new trade routes, colonies, and what not. When I say, I had a word with a Guinness World Record holder, Gaurav Siddharth, I want to put it out there that I believe I have found the Indian Columbus right among us.   

When I say Gaurav was preparing to create a world record, you all must be wondering that he planned and learned a lot, he had strategies at his disposal, but none of it is actually true. Because this 25 YO just went with the flow, he had vision and passion for doing something and everything was just a by-product of staying focused and working towards his goal. His inspiring story proves the fact that sometimes, it is okay not to have a plan.