The Magical Love Tale Of Shah Rukh Khan's Parents Will Compel You To Forget SRK-Gauri's Love Story

Romance is in SRK's blood!


He is the Indian heartthrob, one of the highest paid actors, famous for his enticing personality, witty catchphrases, and romantic roles. 

Yeah! We are talking about none other than Bollywood's most romantic hero Shah Rukh Khan. SRK has always managed to be the unparalleled King of Bollywood. He is not an action hero though. He is known for romantic characters he has played.

Most of his fans think that Shah Rukh's romantic image is inspired by his love life. That is, how he fell in love with Gauri and how the two got married.  

But we have something lesser-known to tell you. It is about SRK's parents - Taj Mohammad Khan and Fatima Khan. Their magical love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. 

Read on to know their magical tale and whether SRK-Gauri love story is a leaf drawn from the love tale of Khan's parents.