10 Reasons Why One Should Go For Love Marriage Instead Of Arranged Marriage

Pay attention, guys and gals!

Recently, while watching the trailer of an upcoming rom-com which deals with a provoking subject involving advantages and disadvantages of arranged as well as love marriage, my mind started generating views and opinions about marriage.

Despite being a rigid supporter of love marriage always, I also started thinking about the benefits of having an arranged marriage. Gradually, as I went through an in-depth analysis of the same, eventually I thanked God for making me realise that love marriage was, is and will always remain better over an arranged marriage. 

Ergo, for all the bachelors and spinsters out there, who feel baffled on which kind of marriage to go for. And if you think to get into an arranged one, then this one is surely for you. Coz these 10 reasons will make you rethink before going for an arranged marriage. Have a look at these reasons!