8 Bang On Posters Summarizing Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage

Get ready to laugh!


India is a diverse country with very many castes, religions & beliefs and we all fellow Indians respect the beliefs of one another. But when it comes to marriage, the society and its people lose their shit! 

Well, it's not like arranged marriages are extinct, they do take place, a lot of times with or without the consent of bride and groom. But, the 21st generation now has evolved and tends to go for love marriage rather than arranged for obvious reasons. Not denying the fact that our parents and elders mostly still want us to go for an arranged marriage because they have seen a huge number of those marriages getting successful. 

Well, ultimately it is one's own decision but yes, Indian society does emphasize on getting married after a certain age, usually somewhere in the bracket of 22-28. 

I'm no one to say which one's better and which one's not, but I've brought some hilarious posters for you showcasing the very difference between love and arranged marriages.