Does Lord Krishna Visit This Place Every Night?

The gates of the temple are closed after 5 PM.


We've all heard tales of Lord Krishna since our childhood. His portrayal as a naughty kid - from stealing butter to teasing Gopis and giving innocent looks when caught red-handed - can melt anyone's heart. 

We've also heard about how his flute play would cast a spell on anyone specially the villagers and Gopis. We've also heard about his Raas-Leela. 

All this appears so fascinating. But what intrigues us more is the mysterious tales associated with Lord Krishna for centuries. 

Nidhivan is one such example. It is a temple complex surrounded by bushy forest in Vrindavan and attracts people from all over the world. It is believed that Krishna makes food with Gopis here. Apart from that, Lord Krishna performs Raas-Leela with goddess Radha and other Gopis. 

This is the reason Nidhivan is closed after the evening aarti. Let's explore more about this mystery.